The leadership of the Democratic National Committee took the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and made the decision months ago to forego the traditional mass gathering which was to take place in Milwaukee this year. Pundits feared that the proceedings would end up with all the charm of one massive Zoom teleconference.

The pundits were charmingly proven wrong. The convention planning team – led by veteran Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter and Emmy-award winning TV producer Ricky Kirshner (who has been on board since 1992), this year’s DNC was a crisp, fast-moving television event… and might we add: entertaining.

“It was GOOD television,” says MOMocrat Donna Schwartz Mills, who joins her colleagues Karoli and Aliza Worthington of to assess the convention, the introduction to the country of the Biden-Harris ticket… and speculate about the Republicans’ turn next week.

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