For one glorious day, the world celebrated the win of the new President-elect. Then it all came crashing down, because as long as Donald Trump is occupying the White House, we can’t have nice things. This week’s drama is centered on his refusal to concede or cooperate with the Biden-Harris transition team and his mysterious machinations to leave loyalists in charge of our national security (creating his OWN “deep state,” which could put the next administration into the ironic position of having to cull out Trump loyalists from the civil service).

MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills cheer the outcome of the election, look ahead to the Georgia run-offs, and mourn the quarter-million and growing American victims of the COVID-19 pandemic in this week’s political podcast from the progressive point of view. MOMocrats MOMochat is part of the DemCast family of podcasts.