Donald Trump’s post-election temper tantrum is both embarassing and dangerous, as it is setting a precedent for the next time the GOP loses a presidential election. CNN reported yesterday that his motive isn’t just trying to overturn a free and fair election, but to sow chaos, leave the Biden administration with intractable problems they cannot solve in one four-year term, and that most Trumpian of motives: revenge for the Russia investigations.

And of the many frightening things about it are polls that indicate that a full 80% of 80-million Trump voters believe the lies coming not just from Trump and right-wing media, but the official statements of the GOP that Trump was the one who won in a landslide.

MOMocrats  Aliza Worthington and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss the Trump campaign’s unprecedented post-election machinations that are occurring during a frightening resurgence of the pandemic, Mitch McConnell’s continuing refusal to legislate economic relief for the millions of Americans who have lost jobs and businesses, and the run-off election in Georgia, which will decide whether the incoming Biden administration will be able to get things done or be held hostage by McConnell.

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