Kevin McCarthy REALLY doesn’t want anyone delving into the truth behind the insurrection on the Capitol that occurred on January 6. Too bad for him that he is outmatched and outclassed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who blocked his attempt to turn the Committee investigating the riot into a three-ring circus by rejecting two of McCarthy’s ranking clowns. A lot has been said this week about Liz Cheney’s show of patriotism in defying McCarthy (and not enough about the fact that Cheney’s participation ensures that the committee IS bipartisan, even without Donald Trump’s favorite carnival barker).But the MOMocrats think Pelosi’s decision to appoint her in the first place was another example of the Speaker’s ability to command the politics.

MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills also talk about this week’s sudden about-face on vaccine rhetoric by the GOP and Fox news personalities, the extreme infectiousness of the Delta strain, the latest threat to Roe, and new revelations about how Brett Kavanaugh was “vetted” during his 2019 nomination hearings.

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