MOMocrats MOMochat

We live in a complex era, and sometimes it’s difficult to feel which way the wind is blowing — maybe because we’re in the eye of a political hurricane. That’s why we produce our weekly MOMocrats MOMochat* podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

The MOMocrat contributors all come from different backgrounds and live in different parts of the country, and we’re trying to make sense of what’s going on in the nation — just like you. And sometimes, it helps to call in an expert, like EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock,former Planned Parenthood CEO Gloria Feldt or Netroots Nation founding partner Gina Cooper.

But most of all, we get to talk to some smart women who are making a difference in the wworld. And we’re having fun doing it.

Listen to our radio show live every Wednesday, 12 ET/9 am PT, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

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*MOMocrats MOMochat is sponsored by Bubble Genius. Politics is a dirty business, so it helps to have plenty of wholesome, natural, soap around the house.


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